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Our Hungary based company - UNIO 5000 Ltd, was established in 2003 for researching and developing food and agricultural products. By base of knowledge the different universities research and development background we research the healthy lifestyle ensuring food and agribusiness products.

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The "Paprika extracts flavored beverage family" has recently received the European patent protection. In the patent description the examples are foods, bakery products, teas, drinking water, wine based beverage and juice. The paprika extract name is capsaicin, which is a characteristically spicy and hot substance that strongly irritates the sensory nerve endings on the oral mucosa. But, thanks to the patent method the spicy effect transform a pleasant and special feeling.

Inventors: Mrs. Szilvia Papp, Mrs. Judit Papp, Mr. Prof. Dr. János Szolcsanyi, and Mr. Dr. Attila Zoltai

Prof. Janos Szolcsanyi decades been engaged in the paprika extract (the capsaicin) mode of action. Prof. Szolcsanyi's animal experiments showed, that small volume of the capsaicin, together the non-steroidal pain relievers, the side effect of medications, does not arise the stomach bleeding. The human clinical studies verified the positive impact of the preparation. These clinical studies have been carried out and have been demonstrated together with Prof. Gyula Mozsik.

Furthermore, owing to several influences on fat cells, lipid metabolism and on intestinal functions it has also a proven anti-obesity effect. According to the recent publication in the journal of the American Heart Association - published in 2007 - capsaicin inhibits also adipocyte production in fat tissues. Additionally the patent includes the humic acid well known immunizing power effect mechanism. This effect has been verified by experiment series too. Animals, fed with humic acid containing drinking water, had much higher antibody production in their blood after an artificial infection, than the control group.

The patented paprika extract consumption recommend, in order to facilitate of fat in metabolic processes, the humic acid content increase the resistance of the human body. The patent mentions a latent effect, which can ensure the smoke flavor, for smokers to decrease the stress which is associated with the nicotine hunger. The flavored drink is consumable in case of diabetes because it is absolutely sugar free.

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See more explanation in the following articles of the capsaicin's obesity blocking effect:

In the case of being interested, we provide you more information: Dr. Attila Zoltai Tel.: +36 30 3026795 or e-mail: azoltai@gmail.com

Our company is the assigned representative of the PharminVivo Ltd

We have been working in this research area for decades at the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at the University of Pécs. 
We have a great expertise in a variety of experimental models with special emphasis on in vivo studies as well as a broad range of investigating techniques (functional, morphological, immunological, biochemical and molecular biological) for integrative analysis of pathophysiological processes and drug effects. The infrastuctural and personnel conditions as well as our well-equipped laboratories provide a good background for a complex approach to investigate inflammatory and pain mechanisms.
We have many national and international academic and industrial collaborations with pharmaceutical and biomedical companies. Our excellent international scientific reputation guarantees the high quality and reliability of the work.

More information: http://pharminvivo.webnode.hu/

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